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>> L - 1 VISA
  • The L-1 visa formally called the “Intra-Company Transferee” Visa is commonly viewed among immigration experts as probably the best non-immigrant temporary workers visas.

  • The specific objective of the US Congress in passing the law which bought about this NIV category in 1970 was to make easy way for the large international companies to transfer foreign employees and personal to the US for tours of duty, so as to strengthen international trade with other countries through out the world.

  • Even individual investors could take advantage of the L category visa. One great advantage of the L-1 visa is that it is easier for intra-company transferee, to change his status to Permanent Resident status if he is an executive or manager and if the company shows that he is needs his service permanently.

  • Large companies and companies that have obtained approvals for at 10 L-1 petition within 12 months, can file an L-1 Blanket petition for several aliens at one time. Special rules apply for people who are being transferred to the US to open new offices.

  • Individual L-1 petition can be granted for an initial period of up to 3 yrs.

  • All L visa holders can extend their visas for up to 2yrs.

  • Managers and executives can extend in increments of 1 yrs up to 7yrs.

  • It takes usually 2-4 months for a normal L-1 visa. And 1-3 weeks for an L1 covered by a blanket approval.

  • Family members are given L-2 visas.

  • L-2 visas is issued to the dependants of L-1 visa person.L-2 visa can get work permit to work in the US and also can start own business as long as the L-1 visa is valid.

  • Person having L-1 visa cannot do a part time job at the same time.

  • The document for obtaining L-1 status is form I-129L, petition to classify non-immigrant as temporary worker or trainee. Application to be completed with as much as information on your employer and yourself.

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